2Dads and Spider returned from steaming party.
"2Dads, Buffer wants to speek with you." said RO passing by them. "Now!" he added and went for a commcen.
"Shit!" said 2Dads.
"Next time think and then said!" said Spider and went for a bridge. 2Dads went to boarding room where Buffer worked inventory.
"RO said you want to talk with me. What about?" said 2Dads.
"Because of your behavior earlier in the galley. I thought that you thought very well afted that incident with me and XO."
"I did. That won't happen again!"
"Then what was all about it in the galley? You said..."
"I said it as a joke." finished 2Dads.
"It didn't sounded as a joke. Less no for a Bomber. That someone other entered in galley in that moment she would be suspended..."
"Like it isn't thruth what I said."
"Excuse me?" said buffer looking into young seaman.
"I mean it is obviosly. You and Bomber. You like her, don't you?" asked 2Dads. Buffer pushed him and pinned him with neck by the wall.
"I warned you once. Be carefull what are you talking and doing. If you say this only one more in some company or I heard unneccesary romuors around the ship, I am going to make sure that you are suffer every day on this ship. Was I clear?"
"Yes Buffer!" said 2Dads.
"Good. Return to your duties." said Buffer and let him go.
Rest off a patrol, 2Dads avoided Buffer and wasn't doing anything what could cause any trouble with Buffer.
Entair crew went in the pub.
"2Dads, are you ok? You are not ill or something?" asked Swain.
"No. I am ok." answered 2Dads.
"You are to silent."
"That is weird. He is silent since middle of our patrol." added X.
"I am just not in the mood." added 2Dads.
"He is not even drinking to much." added Nav.
"Come on 2Dads! It is not hard to smile." added Charge.
"Ok. Give me a drink." said 2Dads and smiled.
After a while, entair crew was in better mood.
"I think I will go." said Bomber.
"Stay little bit longer Bombs. It is to early." said Nav drunked.
"No. I have a feeling that if I stay any longer I would regret it in the morning." said Bomber and went out. Some guy went out too, going straight behind Bomber.
"I will back." added Buffer rising from table.
"Where are you going?" asked Swain.
"To have a cigaret." he added and went out.
"He quit it, doesn't he?" asked confused Spider.
"Don't know mate." said Swain.
Buffer went to check something. He was wright, guy who left pub behind Bomber was stalking her and now he even stop her.
"Let go of me." said Bombee when he take her arm amd tried to pull her closer to him.
"Come on hun. It is gonna be nice." he said and pull her closer to him and tried to kiss her. In that moment Buffer involved.
"Walk away mate." he said and pull Bomber behind him.
"Who the Hell are you?" asked drunk man.
"I said walk away!" added Buffer.
"You think you are dangerous with that tattoos and that biceps?" said guy and pull the knife out.
"Lets go Buff!" said Bomber and tried to pull Buffer with her. But that guy stoped her and try to stabed Buffer. Buffer moved and hit him. They picked the fight. In that moment arrived police. They pull apart Buffer and that guy. But then, police officer what holded guy who attacked Buffer and Bomber was stabed by him. The guy take his knife and took Bomber as a hostage putting a knife on the her throat. Second police officer took a gun and fired. Guy with knife fell. He was shot. Police officer give him a check.
"He is dead!" added he after checking his pulse. "Ma'am you ok?"
"Yes." answered Bomber shaking. Buffer pull her into hug.
"You need to be available for a questioning, so don't left Cairns in next couple days."
"We won't!" said Buffer because Bomber was uncaipable to talk. Still having arms around Bomber, Buffer walked her up to the her house. Bomber was still shaking. She tried to unlock the door, but she failed in that. Buffer took her key and unlock it. He walked her in.
"Bomb are you sure you are ok?" asked Buffer and sat by her side on sofa. She nodded and leaned her head on his shoulder. He plop his arm around her.
"I was so scared. I thought he will slit my throat...I..." said Bomber and start crying.
"Hey, it is ok. It is over now. He is dead, and you are safe."
"Thank you" said Bomber.
"On what?"
"For saving me. And for being here." said Bomber and tilted her head up.
"I am here. And I will always be here. I promise." he said and looked in her brown eyes. He leaned in and gently kissed her. He moved away waiting will she move far or they both gonna forger on that. Bomber pull him closer and kissed him very passionate.
"This is not gonna lead to anything good." whishpered Buffer.
"Like someone is gonna know." said Bomber and kissed him. He picked her up and carried her to the room. Bomber took his shirt off. Soon they were both without clothes in the bed, being there for each other.
Month later

"I really don't get it why Buff need to bully us?" said 2Dads.
"We are so tired. He gave us every dodgy work on this ship" added Spider.
"Only person who is safe from Buffer it is you Bomber" said 2Dads.
"Me? No, I just don't gave him a reason to he yell on me." said Bomber.
"2Dads is right. He always was gentle with you." added Spider.
"Gentle? He almost kick me out of the Hammersley year ago." said Bomber and turned to face them.
"Maybe he likes you. For that how he almost kick me out because of that thing with X, there is a big chance." said 2Dads.
"What are you talking about 2Dads?" asked Bomber very pissed.
"Now I get it! I always asked myself why he was out of the fear when you fell in that crater two month ago. Now I get it." said 2Dads.
"What is your briliant mind imagined this time?" asked Bomber.
"You have something, don't you?" asked 2Dads and narrowed his eyes.
"Of course not! 2Dads get out or I would smack you in that your ugly face!" yelled Bomber.
"Thrut is painfull my dear!" added 2Dads. Bomber took a cup and threw it on 2Dads. It miss him, but almost hit Buffer in the head.
"What the Hell?" he said. "Bomber explanation!"
"Sorry Buff..."
"She almost hit me with that!" said 2Dads.
"2DADS!!! I DIDN'T ASKED YOU!!! She wouldn't threw it on you without reason. 2Dads we need someone for steaming party. You and Spider are perfect candidates." said Buff.
"Aye Buff!" said Spider and 2Dads and went out.
"Now, what was that about?" said Buffer and looked into Bomber.
"Nothing" she answered.
"What 2Dads told you?" he asked and stand by Bomber.
"Ok! Whatever you said!" said Buffer and went in boarding room where 2Dads and Spider were getting ready.
"What did you said to her?" asked Buffer.
"Nothing!" asnwered 2Dads.
"2Dads!!! I asked you something!"
"I said that..."
"He asked her do you and her are having a thing?" said Spider.
"What? 2Dads, you didn't learn your leason, did you? When you back from steaming party we will discuss about that!" said Buffer and went out.
"Thanks mate" said 2Dads sarcasticly.
"It is your fault! Why should Bomber take your guilty?"
"They are having something. Look at them. They are always together. And in the pub, they always sat one to each other"
Buffer went into galley.
"Spider tell me what 2Dads tell you."
"I almost hit you. Sorry!" she said.
"It is ok. That would be problem that on my place was CO or XO." said Buffer and went out.
"Buffer I need a word!" said XO.
"Yes ma'am!" said Buffer.
"Is everything ok beetwen you and Bomber?"
"Yes it is. Why?" Buffer lied even if that wasn't his stile.
"She almost jumped ship today when you pass by her on the deck."
"I didn't noticed"
"If you two had a fight then fix it. Ok?" she said.
"Aye ma'am." said Buffer and went.
'Fix what?' he thought. 'We didn't even looked in one each since that night, let alone to we talked.'
"Everything ok Buff?" asked Spider.
"Yep." he answered.
"Why you and Bomber had a fight?"
"We didn't..."
"So why did you send RO for your brew?"
"I was on the watch. Go and do something!" said Buffer.
"Do what?"
"Whatever you want. Just leave me along. Ok?"
"Ok Buff" said Spider and went out of boarding room.
Spider went to galley.
"What is going on beetwen you and Buffer?" he asked.
"Nothing. Why?" she asked.
"You two are avoiding each other. It was obviosly to our XO too."
"It is not your bisnis! Now please Spider just leave me along!" said Bomber.
"Ok!" said Spider and went out.
After that someone enter the galley.
"I told you to leave me along Spider!" yelled Bomber not looking at door.
"Not Spider!" said Buffer.
"Oh it is you!" she said and turned to him.
"XO wants to we talk. She think that we had a fight!" said Buffer and looked in Bomber.
"What have we done Buff?"
"I just don't remember anything from that night."
"You think I do? We were very drunk, Buff. Very, very drunk!" she said.
"We need to be profesionals."
"I know. A brew?" she asked and smiled.
"Yeah. Thanks" said Buffer. He took a brew and went out.
'Be a profesionals? How I supose to be a profesional with her after this? This is not gonna lead to nothing good.' he thought.
'A profesional? I never wanted to be a profesional with him. I love him' thought Bomber.
"I love him" she wishpered.
Bomber came in the port. She wasn't in good mood after this shore leave. She couldn't face with him. How could she? She slept with her... 'oh my God' thought Bomber. She steped on board and went to her galley. She is gonna avoid him.
"Bomber!" said Spider and bumped in galley.
"Hello Spider!" said Bomber with fake smile.
"What's wrong?" asked Spider.
"Everything is fine. Why?"
"You look different."
"Is everyone on board?"
"No. Buffer is gonna kill 2Dads when he shown up."
"Buff is allready here?"
"Hey Bomb, Buff send me for a brew!" said RO.
"And you said 'yes'?" asked Spider.
"He said that if I said no he will made me on drill to drive a RHIB. Last time that didn't go well."
"Are you two had a fight or something?" asked Spider pointing on Bomber.
"You and Buff?"
"No! Why?" answered Bomber.
"Just ask! Buff would be here like every morning and he wouldn't be send RO for his brew."
"Don't know!" said Bomber. "You don't have anything to do? If Buff find you..."
"He is not going to find me here!" said Spider.
Soon after that 2Dads show up on ship.
"You are dead!" said Nav.
"Buffer noticed?"
"Yeah. And he is in very bad mood."
"2Dads you should be here one hour ago!" yelled Buffer when he saw 2Dads.
"I told you!" said Nav and went off.
"Sorry Buff! My alarm didn't work and..."
"I don't want any excuse! Dismised!" said Buffer.
Bomber heard that.
'Poor 2Dads!'
"He is crazy!" said 2Dads when he entered in the galley.
"You shouldn't late!"
"He is in bad mood and he yells on eferyone. Don't go on his sight!"
"I am not planing to do that!" said Bomber and remembered last night.

Sea patrol

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I am gonna write my first sea patrol fanfic story. Soon!!! Here is couple photos of Buffer and Bomber!
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