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Month later

"I really don't get it why Buff need to bully us?" said 2Dads.
"We are so tired. He gave us every dodgy work on this ship" added Spider.
"Only person who is safe from Buffer it is you Bomber" said 2Dads.
"Me? No, I just don't gave him a reason to he yell on me." said Bomber.
"2Dads is right. He always was gentle with you." added Spider.
"Gentle? He almost kick me out of the Hammersley year ago." said Bomber and turned to face them.
"Maybe he likes you. For that how he almost kick me out because of that thing with X, there is a big chance." said 2Dads.
"What are you talking about 2Dads?" asked Bomber very pissed.
"Now I get it! I always asked myself why he was out of the fear when you fell in that crater two month ago. Now I get it." said 2Dads.
"What is your briliant mind imagined this time?" asked Bomber.
"You have something, don't you?" asked 2Dads and narrowed his eyes.
"Of course not! 2Dads get out or I would smack you in that your ugly face!" yelled Bomber.
"Thrut is painfull my dear!" added 2Dads. Bomber took a cup and threw it on 2Dads. It miss him, but almost hit Buffer in the head.
"What the Hell?" he said. "Bomber explanation!"
"Sorry Buff..."
"She almost hit me with that!" said 2Dads.
"2DADS!!! I DIDN'T ASKED YOU!!! She wouldn't threw it on you without reason. 2Dads we need someone for steaming party. You and Spider are perfect candidates." said Buff.
"Aye Buff!" said Spider and 2Dads and went out.
"Now, what was that about?" said Buffer and looked into Bomber.
"Nothing" she answered.
"What 2Dads told you?" he asked and stand by Bomber.
"Ok! Whatever you said!" said Buffer and went in boarding room where 2Dads and Spider were getting ready.
"What did you said to her?" asked Buffer.
"Nothing!" asnwered 2Dads.
"2Dads!!! I asked you something!"
"I said that..."
"He asked her do you and her are having a thing?" said Spider.
"What? 2Dads, you didn't learn your leason, did you? When you back from steaming party we will discuss about that!" said Buffer and went out.
"Thanks mate" said 2Dads sarcasticly.
"It is your fault! Why should Bomber take your guilty?"
"They are having something. Look at them. They are always together. And in the pub, they always sat one to each other"
Buffer went into galley.
"Spider tell me what 2Dads tell you."
"I almost hit you. Sorry!" she said.
"It is ok. That would be problem that on my place was CO or XO." said Buffer and went out.



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