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"Buffer I need a word!" said XO.
"Yes ma'am!" said Buffer.
"Is everything ok beetwen you and Bomber?"
"Yes it is. Why?" Buffer lied even if that wasn't his stile.
"She almost jumped ship today when you pass by her on the deck."
"I didn't noticed"
"If you two had a fight then fix it. Ok?" she said.
"Aye ma'am." said Buffer and went.
'Fix what?' he thought. 'We didn't even looked in one each since that night, let alone to we talked.'
"Everything ok Buff?" asked Spider.
"Yep." he answered.
"Why you and Bomber had a fight?"
"We didn't..."
"So why did you send RO for your brew?"
"I was on the watch. Go and do something!" said Buffer.
"Do what?"
"Whatever you want. Just leave me along. Ok?"
"Ok Buff" said Spider and went out of boarding room.
Spider went to galley.
"What is going on beetwen you and Buffer?" he asked.
"Nothing. Why?" she asked.
"You two are avoiding each other. It was obviosly to our XO too."
"It is not your bisnis! Now please Spider just leave me along!" said Bomber.
"Ok!" said Spider and went out.
After that someone enter the galley.
"I told you to leave me along Spider!" yelled Bomber not looking at door.
"Not Spider!" said Buffer.
"Oh it is you!" she said and turned to him.
"XO wants to we talk. She think that we had a fight!" said Buffer and looked in Bomber.
"What have we done Buff?"
"I just don't remember anything from that night."
"You think I do? We were very drunk, Buff. Very, very drunk!" she said.
"We need to be profesionals."
"I know. A brew?" she asked and smiled.
"Yeah. Thanks" said Buffer. He took a brew and went out.
'Be a profesionals? How I supose to be a profesional with her after this? This is not gonna lead to nothing good.' he thought.
'A profesional? I never wanted to be a profesional with him. I love him' thought Bomber.
"I love him" she wishpered.



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