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Bomber came in the port. She wasn't in good mood after this shore leave. She couldn't face with him. How could she? She slept with her... 'oh my God' thought Bomber. She steped on board and went to her galley. She is gonna avoid him.
"Bomber!" said Spider and bumped in galley.
"Hello Spider!" said Bomber with fake smile.
"What's wrong?" asked Spider.
"Everything is fine. Why?"
"You look different."
"Is everyone on board?"
"No. Buffer is gonna kill 2Dads when he shown up."
"Buff is allready here?"
"Hey Bomb, Buff send me for a brew!" said RO.
"And you said 'yes'?" asked Spider.
"He said that if I said no he will made me on drill to drive a RHIB. Last time that didn't go well."
"Are you two had a fight or something?" asked Spider pointing on Bomber.
"You and Buff?"
"No! Why?" answered Bomber.
"Just ask! Buff would be here like every morning and he wouldn't be send RO for his brew."
"Don't know!" said Bomber. "You don't have anything to do? If Buff find you..."
"He is not going to find me here!" said Spider.
Soon after that 2Dads show up on ship.
"You are dead!" said Nav.
"Buffer noticed?"
"Yeah. And he is in very bad mood."
"2Dads you should be here one hour ago!" yelled Buffer when he saw 2Dads.
"I told you!" said Nav and went off.
"Sorry Buff! My alarm didn't work and..."
"I don't want any excuse! Dismised!" said Buffer.
Bomber heard that.
'Poor 2Dads!'
"He is crazy!" said 2Dads when he entered in the galley.
"You shouldn't late!"
"He is in bad mood and he yells on eferyone. Don't go on his sight!"
"I am not planing to do that!" said Bomber and remembered last night.



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